AtlasNXT: The intelligent precision communications platform for global enterprises.

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Track24's proven, best-in-class geospatial security technologies are trusted to protect people and assets in the most dangerous parts of the world.

AtlasNXT, our new integrated duty of care, operations management and communications platform will go further, empowering Security, HR and Operations leaders in enterprises to protect, inform and enable their employees across the globe, without compromising privacy.

AtlasNXT's privacy-first, integrated approach is designed to optimise global user adoption, alongside highly-curated and customisable information feeds to provide precise, timely and relevant communications only when users need and want it.

Imagine a world where your organisations operational and employee safety challenges are solved before you could even anticipate them... join the AtlasNXT journey now.

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Delivering transformational benefits for your organisation:

  • Keep your people safe and informed, in any location
  • Minimise the impact of unexpected and critical events on staff and operations
  • Maximise time and cost efficiencies across mobile operations
  • Enhance your employer brand in a competitive talent market
  • Win employee trust by putting privacy first
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Duty of Care

Be aware of the location and safety situation of your people and assets, even when this information isn’t being shared with your organisation. AtlasNXT is a privacy-first ecosystem, promoting consent-based information sharing, under the fingertip control of the individual at all times.

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Decluttering Comms

Keep in communication with your teams. Declutter communications - by channeling only the relevant information people need (WHO), at the location they need it (WHERE), at the time it’s needed (WHEN). We call this 3D communications.

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Operational Management

Analyse, predict and mitigate risk. Create precise, visual datasets, prioritised around your organisation’s risk appetite and operational profile. Apply data driven location intelligence and use it to benefit your organisation and protect your people.

Watch our CEO, Dan Bridges, discuss the importance of privacy in the context of duty of care, a pillar of the AtlasNXT platform:

An integrated solution solving cross-organisational challenges

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Critical Event Management

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Travel Risk Management

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Lone Worker Safety

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Operations Management

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Enterprise Communications

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Mass Notifications

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Mobile Workforce Management

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Emergency Response

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